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In the open air


30 August 2019

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In the open air


7 full-size outdoor clay courts, 2 heated and lit, indoor courts with “artificial grass, filled with quartz sand”, plus a tennis school and equipment rental – here both professionals and amateurs will have perfect conditions for playing


All what’s best in Masuria! A sandy beach, a port and first of all, a water equipment rental. Oh, what a charming place it is, indeed. Bursting with various holidays resorts and sports complexes! Here, at the Czos Lake, our Mrągowo Resort & SPA has found its place on Earth. And tennis courts are barely one of many attractions we have provided for you here. Feast your eyes on these landscapes, for are they not breathtaking


Those who fancy active relaxation amidst the ocean of the Masurian greenery will surely find this modern outdoor gym a great deal to their liking.


Two full-size football pitches with either artificial (covered in the autumn – winter season) or natural surface – perfect for both family and professional games.


18 hole mini golf course with free equipment rental – a great idea for family entertainment and business games


For those preferring active leisure and yearning for charming landscapes to feast their eyes on.

Masuria – your most ideal leisure spot

There are so many attractions provided that everyone will surely find here something for themselves. Especially the fans of tennis shall be in seventh heaven, since both the beginners and the advanced players can count on professional sports equipment and courts. Trust the Mrągowo Resort & SPA. Let’s play together!

Is there a better hotel for tennis? Well, not really...

At your disposal, there are seven tennis courts and two tennis halls altogether. What is more, our Hotel provides also an equipment rental with all the necessary accessories, including rackets and balls.
If you’re a beginner and wish to start your sports adventure, our tennis school will give you a helping hand. And would you rather take care of your body sculpture, why don’t you visit our outdoor gym, then? Launching a new day in the open air always gives you good vibes. Quite obviously, since football is our nation-wide favourite sport – there is a football pitch as well. And all of this with beautiful views around!
The Mrągowo Resort & SPA offers you two full-size sports fields – one with artificial and one with natural turf. For our Little Ones, there is an outdoor playground with the Tyrolean traverse. It is a perfect place for kids, indeed, to let off steam and give vent to all their energy resources. If it’s not enough, our fabulous ball pit with mega blocks will surely keep them entertained!

Sports centre in Masuria

There’s so much more to fall in love with in Masuria! The stunning lake, the breathtaking views, clean air… So, don’t lose time. Mount your bike and head for the surroundings! Or if you’re more into the water stuff – go to our private beach with the jetty – there are many attractions to savour, indeed. And since the water equipment rental offers you everything you need and more – nothing should stop you conquering the Czos Lake!

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