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The Mrągowo Resort & SPA Hotel is so much more than simply stunning views and relaxation, indeed! It’s the best choice for the business sphere, too! Having all the knowledge required, backed up with many years of experience in the branch, we can organise both trainings, conferences, congresses, team-building stays, banquets, fairs and all kinds of events you would wish us to hold for you.


  • 7 conference halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • More than 400 accommodation places
  • 10 ha of space
  • Our own beach and port
  • Experience and professionalism




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Masuria – perfect for conferences and trainings alike

Conferences in Masuria mean so much more than beautiful panoramas only. Our Hotel offers you professional services for the business branch, with three separate, air-conditioned conference halls. Each of them has been carefully equipped with all the audio-visual devices you might need for a smooth and successful meeting. Depending on the size of your event, they offer from 70 up to even 350 sitting places. The Mrągowo Resort Hotel has also three training halls and meeting rooms. Oh, what a splendid logistic base for every event taking place at our hotel! Quite right!

We will help you plan every single detail of your conference, then we will guide you all throughout the preparation process. You can trust our expertise and experience without even the slightest shade of doubt. Our staff shall help you even choose the right catering for your event. Together with the training organisers, we promise to take care of both proper, suitable coffee breaks and a dinner for the training participants – just as the Client wishes it.

Trainings and events in Masuria

The Mrągowo Resort Hotel is located on a 10 ha plot right by the lake. Thus, you can celebrate your events, first and foremost team-building stays, in a more than friendly environment, indeed! Tell us what is you wish and we’ll be happy to grant it. No matter how complicated your ideas might seem, to us, there is no problem whatsoever. We’ll make them come true. Our expertise, baked up with many years of experience, is your guarantee of success.

Conferences in the open air – Masuria

Why don’t you organise your conference in Masuria? With fresh air and beautiful views! And if your conference is held during a weekend, there’s nothing to stop you if you wish to take full, unrestricted advantage of all the attractions provided at the Mrągowo Resort & SPA Hotel as well.

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